VMS welcomes practicing and retired physicians, physician assistants, residents and medical school students to join approximately 2,000 of their peers as members of the Society.

By joining VMS, physicians receive valuable member benefits that that they can't find anywhere else while at the same time strengthening the Society's ability to represent the interests of physicians and the patients they treat. To learn more click here.

To become a VMS member through our online portal click here. 


Regular members $525 - Practicing doctors of medicine or osteopathy with a Vermont license

Associate members $100 -  Physicians who have moved out-of-state, retirees with a Vermont license or former members not currently in practice and not Vermont-licensed

Affiliate members $200 - Physicians who work outside of Vermont, but live in Vermont or have a Vermont license

Life members $0 - Retired because of incapacity or disability with 10 or more years as a VMS member, or more than 70 years old with at least 10 years of VMS membership

Residents & Students: $0 - Residents and student members are medical students or physicians in residency programs

(There are no longer county society dues. County dues have been replaced by a flat $10 assessment for regional and student activities.)


New active members: 50-percent discount during first year of membership, 25-percent discount during second year of membership.

Physician spouse: 25-percent discount for physician spouse (second membership).

Active member: Early payment discount of $30, if member dues are paid by Dec. 31 of the year first dues bill is received.

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